Equity Ventures

43 Berkeley Square, London, W1J 5AP

We  are experts on venture capital, growth capital, buyouts,  and private equity transactions. 

Private Equity is not intentionally a long term investment. A trade sale or secondary buyout are the usual exit routes for successful investments.

What is a company worth?

To find what your company is worth to a venture capital or private equity firm call us on 0207 859 4106 or try the valuation model online at:  www.equityventures.co.uk 

Can you do a secondary management buyout?

There has been a rapid decrease in the number of management buyout (MBO) transactions done in the last ten years despite the large increase in funds under management by the investors.  In 2005 there were just under 400 MBO and MBI deals done in the UK, by 2016 this had dropped to just 68 - of which only 3 were MBIs. It is really difficult to get funding for an MBI these days. Call us if you are looking to do an MBI and want to know why it will be a struggle. About half the current deals are secondary buyouts.

Our staff have experience and background in venture capital, private equity and merchant banking. 

If we don't have a solution or a suggestion we can probably point you to someone who does.

What to do now

If you are considering a secondary buyout or trade sale then feel free to approach us. 

Initial conversations and meetings are always confidential and without charge or commitment so you can use us as a sounding board for ideas at an early stage. 

Call David Tallboys on 0207 859 4106 or direct on 07852 353500; or send us an email from the panel below.

We can meet you at out favourite office - 43 Berkeley Square - or elsewhere if that is more suitable for you.

What is a company worth?

Equity Ventures has access to valuation models and techniques used by many banks and venture capitalists.

Equity Ventures director David Tallboys was the designer of valuation and structuring techniques that have been used in many venture capital deals, mostly for management buyouts and expansion or growth capital.

Early stage start up and pre-revenue companies depend on metrics other than financial track record and net assets for valuation. But call us anyway as we may be able to give you some useful pointers.

Finance for Growth

Following the UK vote to leave the European Union there is an ever greater requirement for the UK to back small companies to help them grow. We are expanding our growth capital activity to assist in this.