Brexit Ventures

Seeing opportunities in a time of change

Brexit Ventures  is a consultant on buyouts,  acquisitions, private equity, and venture capital transactions.

Negotiations for Brexit have now started and it is time for companies to plan their strategy as the UK's exit from the EU is certain in some form even if the final terms aren't known.  

Brexit may be attractive or unattractive; you may decide to expand or retrench; it could be a threat or an opportunity - the one thing that is certain is that change will happen so you must act now to position your business to make the best of what happens. 

Brexit Ventures has experience and background in venture capital, private equity and merchant banking. 

If we don't have a solution or a suggestion we can probably point you to someone who does.

What to do now

If you are considering a buyout or fund raising then feel free to approach us. 

Initial conversations and meetings are always confidential and without charge or commitment so you can use us as a sounding board for ideas at an early stage. 

Call David Tallboys on 0207 859 4106 or direct on 07852 353500; or send us an email from the panel below.

What is a company worth?

Brexit Ventures has access to valuation models and techniques used by many banks and venture capitalists.

Brexit Ventures director David Tallboys was the designer of spreadsheet models that have been used in many venture capital deals, mostly for management buyout and expansion.

Early stage start up and pre-revenue companies depend on metrics other than financial track record and net assets for valuation.